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Milos island

Milos is the 5th biggest island in the Cyclades complex, located at the south west corner, in the half of the distance between Athens and Crete. It is one of the four volcanoes in Greece along with Santorini, Nisyros and Methana.

The volcanic origin of Milos has allowed the island to have a remarkable and diverse coastline. With the landscape changing every few miles and a reach coastline of 125kms in length, Milos is considered a must-visit place for the sea enthusiasts.

The coastline of Milos is “blessed” with more than 75 different beaches, sea caves, small coves with crystal clear water and unique geological formations.

On top of that the two neighboring islands of Kimolos and Polyegos enrich what this area has to offer! Especially Polyegos, is a famous yachting destination with the famous “Blue Waters” location with the bright turquoise crystal sea water, similar (or some people say) even better to exotic destinations.

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