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Day trips around Milos - Aria Calma

Day trips around Milos

Join us a day trip around the east and south part of Milos along with a maximum total of 10 passengers. Have a chance to meet other people and share together a unique opportunity to visit the mesmerizing island of Polyegos and also get to experience the pirate life of Kleftiko.

Our experienced crew will sail from Pollonia to Polyegos island for a first stop to swim and then sail along the east side of Milos and south to Kleftiko.


Our tour

In our tour you will get to see the following locations:
  • First swimming stop in the island of Polyegos at the “Blue Waters” the famous yachting destination.
  • Second swimming stop in Gerakas beach, with the white impressive sand.
  • Sail along the south side of the island
  • Third swimming stop in Kleftiko, the pirate bay of Milos. This is a longer stop for snorkeling and cave touring.
  • Forth swimming stop (if time allows us) at the beach of Tsigrado.

Then you will be disembarked at the south beach of Provatas when we will transfer you by a private bus back to Pollonia (from where the yacht departed the morning). The drive back to Pollonia is around 20-25mins.

By this was we have the following benefits in our itinenary:

  • The sailing is mainly around the “protected” coast of the island which is the south part, because in the summer we mainly have wind coming from the north
  • You will not have to sail back to Pollonia from Kleftiko via the same route (saving about 2hrs of travel time) therefore you have more time at your stops and enjoy the sea!

 An indicative journey length will be between 10:00-19:00 (including the return bus transfer).

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